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47% is not a majority. The loser “won.” That’s why we’re mad.

Trump the kleptocrat #dumptrump

Welcome to the Trump kleptocracy By Paul Waldman / The Washington Post

it’s looking more and more likely that being president is going to be very lucrative for Trump. By the time it’s over, he may even be worth as much as he has always claimed to be.

The words “conflict of interest” don’t begin to describe what the Trump administration is shaping up to look like

I promise you this: Donald Trump is never going to make his tax returns public. Never.

So we’re going to have to rely on the Trump family’s strong ethical code to reassure ourselves that nothing problematic will go on when it comes to the entwining of Trump’s business interests and U.S. government policy. The problem is that absolutely nothing we have learned about Trump suggests that he will operate in a remotely ethical way when it comes to opportunities to enrich himself once he becomes president.

what’s different and probably unprecedented is the way Trump will increase his fortune by hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars while he’s president.

Trump is a fake president #dumptrump

Automated Pro-Trump Bots Overwhelmed Pro-Clinton Messages, Researchers Say The New York Times By JOHN MARKOFF

An automated army of pro-Donald J. Trump chatbots overwhelmed similar programs supporting Hillary Clinton five to one in the days leading up to the presidential election, according to a report published Thursday by researchers at Oxford University.

The chatbots — basic software programs with a bit of artificial intelligence and rudimentary communication skills — would send messages on Twitter based on a topic, usually defined on the social network by a word preceded by a hashtag symbol, like #Clinton.

Their purpose: to rant, confuse people on facts, or simply muddy discussions, said Philip N. Howard, a sociologist at the Oxford Internet Institute and one of the authors of the report.

Facebook fake-news writer: ‘I think Donald Trump is in the White House because of me’ The Washington Post Caitlin Dewey

Horner has found the fake-news ecosystem growing more crowded, more political and vastly more influential: In March, Donald Trump’s son Eric and his then-campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, even tweeted links to one of Horner’s faux-articles. His stories have also appeared as news on Google.

Trump was against the Electoral College until it gave him the presidency with only 47% of vote. #dumptrump

Trump calls Electoral College ‘genius’ after earlier criticism by Jessie Hellmann

President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday morning defended the Electoral College as “genius,” days after criticizing it. …

Trump on Sunday told “60 Minutes” that he still has issues with the Electoral College.

“I’m not going to change my mind just because I won,” the president-elect said. “But I would rather see it where you went with simple votes. You know, you get 100 million votes and somebody else gets 90 million votes and you win.”

Trump infamously called the Electoral College a “disaster for democracy” during the night of the 2012 election, when it appeared President Obama would lose the popular vote but still win the presidency. Obama ended up winning the popular vote as well when all votes were tallied.

Clinton’s lead in the popular vote passes 1 million

By Madeline Conway

11/15/16 03:31 PM EST

Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote over President-elect Donald Trump has surpassed 1 million, according to Dave Wasserman of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

As the final vote counts continue to trickle in a week after Election Day, Wasserman’s tally found that Clinton had 61,963,234 votes to Trump’s 60,961,185 as of Tuesday afternoon.

Hey, Trumpsters! Feel betrayed yet? The wall was just a “great campaign device.” #dumptrump #animalfarm

Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images

Two days after Donald Trump was elected president, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, an ardent Trump supporter, admitted the president-elect’s promise to get Mexico to fund his proposed border wall may have just been “a campaign device.” “He may not spend much time trying to get Mexico to pay for it,” Gingrich said of a hypothetical border structure. “But it was a great campaign device.”

What happened to #nevertrump Republicans? Where did their votes go? #hackthevote #dumptrump

One of the reasons Trump expected to lose the popular vote was fierce opposition within the Republican party. Many Republicans found Trump unacceptable and said so publicly. An entire movement (#nevertrump) and even a candidate (McMullen) were part of the Republican effort to stop Donald Trump.

How, then, did Trump receive as many or more votes than DUHbya, McCain, or Romney? The explanation from the people who were wrong every step of the campaign is that Republicans “came home.” Do you believe Romney “came home”? How about Colin Powell?

I’m not saying #nevertrump Republicans voted for Clinton, though some surely did. I can believe some voted for Johnson (especially in NM) and some didn’t vote. How did Trump get as many votes as he did without the usual united Republican support, especially in crucial states that were in doubt?

Prior to the election, Trump claimed there would be vote tampering. Even on Election Day, he repeated lies about vote switching from Trump to Clinton. Clearly, he was laying groundwork for a refusal to accept the results he expected. However, everyone rushed to assure the electorate that a hack is impossible. Did those people fall into a trap?

Imagine a voting precinct with 10 voters. Six are registered Republicans; the others are independents or Democrats. In a normal year, the Republican candidate gets 6 votes. This year, he gets 5 votes.

Ballots in this hypothetical precinct are scanned and correctly tallied. However, before results are reported, a subroutine compares totals to registrations. It counts 6 votes for Trump. Who would know? How would you know? By comparing the ballots to the totals.

The example is designed for simplicity. The larger the number, the easier to hide the hack. Is this hack more than theoretical? Americans are paranoid but naïve about technology. Remember that massive Internet slowdown a month before the election? (A denial of service, DNS, attack.) Many thought it was a test or a precursor. What if it was an actual assault? Who would notice?

What can we do about this? Pick strategic precincts where the vote affected the electoral outcome. Throw in a few random precincts. Audit the voting software — compare the software in-use with a gold archival copy. Quick and easy.

Next, do a hand count and compare the results to those reported. Isn’t it worth the time and effort to certify the results, to reassure the electorate that the results are valid, despite even the “winner’s” disbelief?