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Apr 042014

I’m sure they’ll be rewarded. Now, the Koch Brothers, ad nauseum, can profit from “the general gratitude” of every single member of Congress. I hope to live long enough to piss on Roberts’ grave.

Supreme Court says political influence isn’t corruption | Albuquerque Journal News By Thomas Cole / Of the Journal, PUBLISHED: Friday, April 4, 2014

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote:

“In a series of cases over the past 40 years, we have spelled out how to draw the constitutional line between the permissible goal of avoiding corruption in the political process and the impermissible desire simply to limit political speech. We have said that government regulation may not target the general gratitude a candidate may feel toward those who support him or his allies, or the political access such support may afford.”

Roberts also wrote, “Money in politics may at times seem repugnant to some, but so too does much of what the First Amendment vigorously protects.” …

Campaign finance restrictions should be seen as a means to strengthen the First Amendment, rather than weaken it, the [Justice Breyer] wrote. “Where enough money calls the tune, the general public will not be heard,” he said.

Breyer also said:

“Taken together with Citizens United … today’s decision eviscerates our Nation’s campaign finance laws, leaving a remnant incapable of dealing with the grave problems of democratic legitimacy that those laws were intended to resolve.”

Supreme Court says political influence isn’t corruption | Albuquerque Journal News

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Feb 012014

Sometimes, withering sarcasm is exactly the right tone.

Sincere apologies to the filthy rich | ABQJournal Online

By Leonard Pitts / Syndicated Columnist

Dear Tom Perkins:

I’m writing to apologize. ….

You’ve been criticized for what you wrote, but we both know the only thing wrong with it is, you didn’t go far enough. You didn’t mention how one day the rich may be forced to stitch yellow dollar signs to their clothing or have their net worth tattooed on their forearms.

Being forced to pay taxes for the upkeep of schools your children wouldn’t be caught dead attending? That’s exactly like slavery.

Zoning laws that limit you to one measly helipad on your very own land? No difference between that and the Trail of Tears.

Where will it end? Will they make you fly commercial? Buy off the rack? Golf on a public course? Might as well hitch up the boxcars and pack you in.

I confess to having been blind to the suffering of the Affluent-American community. But you’ve opened my eyes. How awful it must be, forced to live in segregated neighborhoods like Brentwood and Star Island in constant fear of metaphorical beatings and rhetorical lynching if you dare get out of your place and whine about the travails of your life of vulgar excess.

Sincere apologies to the filthy rich | ABQJournal Online

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Jan 242014

This is nauseating. We sell our vistas cheap to scoundrels who profit at our expense while sticking needles in our eyes. It is shameful. BAN ALL BILLBOARDS EVERYWHERE! I’d like to know who paid whom for this sweet deal.

NM officials to allow digital signs along highways | ABQJournal Online

By Associated Press | Posted: 6:44 am

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — State officials will allow digital billboards along interstate highways and other federal routes in New Mexico.

The state Transportation Commission on Thursday approved rule changes that will legalize electronic billboards.

The current rules hadn’t been revised since being adopted in 1998.

The commission approved an amendment that requires off-premises digital billboards to be spaced at least 1,000 feet apart regardless of face orientation.

The state Department of Transportation and representatives of Scenic America and the outdoor advertising industry also agreed to an amendment to restrict off-premises digital billboards to municipalities, towns and villages.

Outdoor advertisers already use digital signs in some places in New Mexico, including within the city of Albuquerque.

Critics say the signs are visual blight that damage the night sky, but outdoor advertising companies deny that claim.

NM officials to allow digital signs along highways | ABQJournal Online

Note that you can place 5 of these signs within one mile. Are you surprised that the Industry denies the claim that these are a blight? They LIE for profit. How long before they demand we pay for power out to any remote stretch? Once the power is there, how long before someone says, Hey, let’s sell liquor and lottery tickets here. How long before billboards flash “liquor and lottery tickets ahead” every 1000 feet for a hundred miles. Shut it down NOW while you can.

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Jan 082014

These are the dicks who abandoned Colorado. Hey, at least Cheyenne will get 80 jobs for its $15 million dollar investment. Hoodwinked much?

Commission approves Magpul loan and grant – Wyoming Tribune Eagle Online

The loan is for $5 million, and the grant is for $8 million. …

Bendel added, “In light of the substantial offers being made by other states, the only way that Wyoming can successfully attract Magpul is with this large, $13 million grant and loan package.”

The grant funds would be used by Cheyenne LEADS to buy a temporary manufacturing facility for Magpul. Cheyenne LEADS plans to use up to $1.5 million of its own funds to rehabilitate the temporary facility to meet Magpul’s needs, Bendel said. …

Magpul’s relocation will bring about 80 new jobs to the county in the first year…

Despite the positive economic impact of the relocation, not everyone at Tuesday’s County Commission meeting supported bringing Magpul to town.

Ed Heffern asked the commissioners to deny the loan and grant requests on the basis of the products Magpul makes.

Heffern said the community should not support an industry that makes products whose “main purpose is to harm other people.”

“Cheyenne is worried about its image,” Heffern said. “We have to ask ourselves if this is the image we want.”

Commission approves Magpul loan and grant – Wyoming Tribune Eagle Online

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Jan 032014

Kudos to GunCo for modeling good corporate citizenship while showing the voters of Colorado who’s boss and an utter indifference to the death and destruction they contribute to. I hope the rest of the Gun Industry (“growing rich on your freedom”) moves to Wyoming.

Company makes good on leaving Colo. over gun laws | ABQJournal Online by Bob Moen / Associated Press

Erie, Colo.-based Magpul Industries Corp. announced Thursday that it was moving its production, distribution and shipping operations to Cheyenne and its headquarters to Texas, making good on a vow it made to leave Colorado during last year’s gun control debate.

Moving operations to locations that support our culture of individual liberties and personal responsibility is important,” Magpul CEO Richard Fitzpatrick said in a statement. “Moving to a true multi-state operation will also allow Magpul to utilize the strengths of both Texas and Wyoming as we continue to expand.”

Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead said in a statement that Wyoming offers Magpul “a firm commitment to uphold the Second Amendment.”

The Democrat-led Colorado Legislature and Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper enacted a new law last year prohibiting the sale of gun magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. It was part of a package of legislation in response to mass shootings at a suburban Denver movie theater and a Connecticut elementary school.

The laws drew praise from gun control activists but sparked furor from gun rights advocates. The laws prompted the successful recall of two Democratic state senators and the resignation of a third.

Randy Bruns, CEO of Cheyenne’s economic development organization, said it is working with Magpul on a financial package that could include up to $13 million in state grants and loans to help the company move to Cheyenne.

Company makes good on leaving Colo. over gun laws | ABQJournal Online

The notion of “corporate culture” is as laughable as “corporate ethics.” They’re in it for the money and nothing else.

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Dec 132013

Guns in America After Newtown | Smart Charts, What Matters Today |

Click to see the interactive, crowdsourced map visualizing reported gun deaths since Newtown, from Slate.

Number of people killed by guns, including homicide, suicide and accidental death since Newton (that have been reported by the media): 11,437

Estimated real number of people killed by guns, including homicide, suicide and accidental death since Newton (using most recent CDC estimates for yearly data): 33,173

Total gun deaths in 2010 (the latest year for which there are CDC records): 31,672
number of those who were children or teens: 2,694

Number of school shootings since Newtown: 27

Guns in America After Newtown | Smart Charts, What Matters Today |

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Nov 232013

The opponents will never stop. They will seek any means — including unconstitutional proposals — to take away an established right, and a fact of human decency, that woman control their own bodies. This fight will continue at every level of government. When your community is threatened, be prepared to fight back.

Albuquerque Shut That Whole Thing Down – Duke City Fix by bg

This is a longer and more complex story. We were set up to fail in every possible way by the collusion of the City Clerk who provided no early voting sites in half of the City. Voting day locations included mega-churches. University students were denied a voting day location. The Catholic Church opposed us. And yet, we prevailed.

While the inside information may be of interest for Albuquerque citizens, I feel it is important for other communities to appreciate the lessons for next time. Critical information for the next places in the crosshairs of the anti-women movement must be shared. We know messaging needs to reflect the values of the community. Women must lead the effort, young women and women of color are essential. There will be national press and national support. It is expensive. But it is going to remain a pitched battle until we can begin to turn the tide back to women. We must thwart every effort they attempt.

Albuquerque has shown the way. We shut that whole thing down. Other communities can do it, and they will do it too!

Albuquerque Shut That Whole Thing Down – Duke City Fix

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