• 20 26 Years Ago Today

    [Originally written 7/20/04. I think I got it right, then.] It was 20 26 years ago today that I arrived as a new resident of Albuquerque, of New Mexico, of the Southwest, Atzlan, the Four Corners and the Rockies. Praise […]

  • All Mark Considered

    It’s nice to have been noticed by mi virtual vecino, Rudolfo Carrillo: If you like challenging content and clunky pre-Web 2.0 layout, I’ve got the perfect site for you. While the questionably formatted photographic elements may raise a few eyebrows, […]

  • If You’ve Wondered Where I’ve Been…

    My blogging frequency has fallen off. I don’t know if that’s a relief to my 3 readers, but I’ve been thinking about this change. There is no question that the end of the Reign of Terror by Duhbya and BushCo […]

  • mjh’s Weblog Entry – 11/24/2002: "hello, world!

    mjh’s Weblog Entry – 11/24/2002: "hello, world!

    It was 6 years ago today that I started using blogging software on my own account. The software was called Greymatter and it still runs years later: mjh’s Weblog Entry – 11/24/2002: "hello, world! After Greymatter, I switched to MoveableType […]

  • Small Web

    [updated 7/8/08]A friend emailed today. One of my webpages came up as one of the few results when he searched Google for a phrase no one could ever associate with either of us: “bear tranquilizers” rape. Even more curious, the […]

  • My Back Pages

    You probably already know no blog can contain me. Or is it, satisfy me. As a multi-faceted person, I have multiple blogs. Compartmentalizing my thoughts doesn’t always work, however, and I become conflicted about risking redundancy in cross-posts versus going […]

  • Liars For Christ

    Before Pat Robertson slips completely from our short attention spans and the 24 hour news cycle, let’s take a moment to remember not only what an ass he is but what kind of Christian he must be to call for […]