Mark Twain got his start this way.

  • Two brilliant right-wingers

    Speak Up! | Albuquerque Journal News IF IT WASN’T for low information voters, there would not be a Democrat Party! – J.K.A. … THE PROBLEM WITH the wacky left – i.e. environmentalists and evolutionists – is that they are obviously […]

  • Talk of the town | Albuquerque Journal News

    I admire this writer for responding to angry nonsense with reason. At the time, my only response was ‘Wow’. Talk of the town | Albuquerque Journal News Name-calling is not acceptable rebuttal LAST WEEK IN SpeakUp! there were two violently […]

  • How to stop speeders

    If you are ticketed for speeding, a GPS device will be attached to your vehicle. When you exceed the posted speed limit anywhere, the device will shriek until you slow down. Data from the GPS will be analyzed automatically and […]

  • When mouth-breathers speak, the spittle flies

    From today’s Journal’s Speak Out column come back-to-back insights: IT COMES AS no surprise that the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive party vehemently opposes any educational reform in New Mexico. Their future lies almost exclusively in the under-educated, government-dependent low-information voter. – R.D.H. “PROGRESSIVE” […]

  • ‘My way or the highway’ attitude is killing GOP — or maybe it’s rabies

    ‘My way or the highway’ attitudes are killing GOP | ABQJournal Online Today (Tuesday, Oct. 1), my wife and I went to the Sandoval County Bureau of Elections office to change our voter registration affiliation from independent — our status […]

  • Oñate Had His Thanksgiving in 1598 in New Mexico

    Oñate Had His Thanksgiving in 1598 By Donald A. Chavez y Gilbert, Freelance Writer, Thursday, November 25, 2004 Thanksgiving Day is a holiday which has a much longer history than most Americans realize. The first recorded act of giving thanks […]

  • Health Insurance Is Justice for All, by Merri Rudd

    Health Insurance Is Justice for All, by Merri Rudd

    ABQJournal Online » Health Insurance Is Justice for All By Merri Rudd / Former Bernalillo County probate judge on Mon, Jul 2, 2012 Are you hoping to retire before you’re eligible for Medicare? Planning a career switch or move to […]