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Our Blog Collective.


It is my pleasure to announce a new member of the EdgeWise community: Abogada

Press publishes legal self-help books, including Life Planning in New

Mexico, by Merri Rudd (Bernalillo County Probate Judge), and Family Law in

New Mexico, by Barbara L. Shapiro (attorney).

Though not a blog, is a public-interest website I developed and host. In the interest of full

disclosure: Merri Rudd and I are long-time companions. mjh

No Comment

When I set this blog up, I

imagined some who visited would have something to say about it. I knew that not everyone would agree with me (most polls and surveys

indicate few people agree with me). That’s OK. To paraphrase Mo Udall, if everyone agrees with you, you’re wrong. So, I was

ready for disagreement, even some flames; still, I tried to make commenting easy and to encourage it.

I never anticipated

”blog spammers”. These low-lifes post ‘comments’ on blogs that link to porn or sell products for penis enlargement or

Viagra; recently, there has been a spate of debt-consolidation postings. In truth, these postings are few but more than once a day on the

half a dozen blogs I manage. I’m tired of dealing with these pests, so I’m shutting down comments. To those who legitimately

wish to comment, I’m sorry. You can still send me email (which, of course, the spammers do); if you want me to, I will post your

comments (with some limitations). [Update: I’m taking comments again and still getting hit by the damn

spammers, who feebly disguise their spam with comments about ‘what a wonderful blog this is.’ Screw them all.]

To the

spammers — oh, what the hell, they couldn’t care less what harm they do. To them, I recommend :: Official Blog.

peace, mjh

Arthur Alpert’s Truth

I’m happy to welcome Arthur Alpert as a new writer in residence in the EdgeWise community.

Arthur is well-known in New Mexico as the founder and editor of PrimeTime, as well as a columnist in other publications and an “on-air

personality.” Arthur’s blog will certainly make for thought-provoking reading, as well as raise the bar here at EdgeWise. mjh