I miss Dimdahl

Right now, the biggest jackass in New Mexico is Jim Scarethemtino. And, he may well be worse than John Dimdahl was. (At least, Dimdahl liked skiing and legalizing marijuana.) It has been awful watching Scarethemtino’s transformation – he used to be an OK guy and a half-decent writer. Don’t worry, though. Democrats/liberals/socialists/gays/non-whites (immigrants)/women are working … Continue reading I miss Dimdahl

Dump Dimdahl

Even as I was composing yesterday’s ambivalent defense of John Dimdahl, forces were moving to position him as the new and improved Republican candidate for governor, replacing that other guy whose name we needn’t remember. Keep reading because I’m not only going to defend Dimdahl again, I have a rebuke for “my” party. Wow, Richardson, … Continue reading Dump Dimdahl

I’m not laughing with Dimdahl, I’m laughing at him

ABQjournal: Richardson Won a Battle, But CYFD’s Bolson Won War By John Dendahl Laugh of the Month: Richardson remains obstinate. Despite environment-friendly natural gas production on super-enviro Ted Turner’s Vermejo Park Ranch next door, drilling for natural gas in the Valle Vidal is vigorously opposed by some special interests. Vowing to do all he can … Continue reading I’m not laughing with Dimdahl, I’m laughing at him

Dimdahl: ‘a cantankerous old man with no credibility’

ABQjournal: Dendahl’s Ramblings Badly Written, Poorly Researched By Angela Wandinger-Ness, Biology Professor There are many things to take issue with in John Dendahl’s commentary, “Bush is the Man with a Mandate.” I will comment on only two points: poor writing skills and unjustified accusation. There should be accountability and a factual basis that underlies a … Continue reading Dimdahl: ‘a cantankerous old man with no credibility’

Vlad Dimdahl

ABQjournal: Rough and Tumble of Politics Now Spawns Hatred By John Dendahl, For the Journal The surprise now is the pure hatred Bush’s opponents have mobilized, beginning at the conclusion of the 2000 election. Bush is clearly not hateful personally, and he has done nothing to disgrace his office as did his predecessor. Yet hatred, … Continue reading Vlad Dimdahl