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  • Contempt of Cop

      ABQJOURNAL NEWS/METRO: APD Has Had Many Bad Run-Ins By T.J. Wilham, Journal Staff Writer APD arrested 517 people for “refusing to obey” charges in 2007, according to a recent Journal investigation. Seventy percent of the cases were thrown out.         […]

  • Paleocons for Palin

     Richard Viguerie’s Conservative HQ | show Richard Viguerie: Sarah Palin is the perfect choice August 29, 2008 Viguerie: She’s perfectVP pick “gives McCain the opportunity to unite the GOP, gives conservatives a stake in the election, and puts a real […]

  • FUD You, Jim Scarantino

    updated 8/29/08 Obama the War President: Will you fight his wars? By Jim Scarantino – The Real Side Look up ad hominem on Wikipedia and you won’t find Jim Scarantino’s picture. For that, you’ll have to look up “fucking ridiculous.” […]

  • This Week’s WTF?!

    ABQJOURNAL OPINION/LETTERS: Letters to the Editor It’s Fact: Obama as Left as They Come        HAVING READ Eugene Robinson’s column, “Swift Boat Author Out To Torpedo Obama As ‘Leftist,’ ” I am left with the question is he that dumb or […]

  • The Party of Fear and Hate

    ABQJOURNAL OPINION/LETTERS: Letters to the Editor Albuquerque Shootings Show GOP Is Based in Hate        A FEW WEEKS ago a gunman walked into a Universalist Church and shot and killed a number of people. Last week another gunman walked in Democratic […]

  • Well Said

    Thin Line  The ’50s phoned (it was wearing a smart red apron with matching heels and a lacy blouse) and it wants its sexism back. — Marisa Demarco, Alibi Thin Line ABQJOURNAL OPINION/LETTERS: Three Boos for Reducing Hillary to ‘Cheerleader  […]

  • Distressing Quote

    Garcia, 71, lives in Doña Ana, just north of Las Cruces. She thinks Obama has come off as condescending and arrogant. “I don’t know one single Hispanic over 50 who will cast a vote for Obama,” she said, conceding that […]