Contempt of Cop


ABQJOURNAL NEWS/METRO: APD Has Had Many Bad Run-Ins By T.J. Wilham, Journal Staff Writer

APD arrested 517 people for “refusing to obey” charges in 2007, according to a recent Journal investigation. Seventy percent of the cases were thrown out.
        Local defense attorneys derisively call the refusing to obey charge “contempt of cop” and claim APD routinely violates residents’ first amendment rights.
        Police Chief Ray Schultz says some encounters could have been avoided if officers had explained their actions.
        Schultz has said he is looking into customer service training for his department.


PS: The Journal pats itself on the back today of its new UpFront series (camelcase — that must have given the editors fits), which gives extra prominence to some old standbys. Kudos for including a couple of women. Perhaps Version 2.0 will feature someone under 40, black, Native American, or more than one native New Mexican. It is interesting that a feature that runs 7 days a week doesn’t have 7 authors — or 14.

Dan Herrera, Assistant Managing Editor of the Journal writes, “One reader said that UpFront was like a blog in print. Actually, we print people have been doing it quite a bit longer. [mjh: Therefore, we have nothing to learn from the blogosphere.]

“And, unlike most bloggers, our columnists travel the state doing original research, and not in their pajamas.”

Ouch! Hey, Dan, I don’t wear pajamas.

PPS: I mostly enjoyed Leslie Linthicum’s column on the big cheese, regardless of how she dressed while writing it, although her coming back with pictures of boxes that might have been empty or full of guns disappointed me. Will we see Glanbia ads in the paper starting next week? (As occurred with another major advertiser a few years ago after a huge gushing “they’re coming to town!” article appeared on the front page, above the fold.)

Paleocons for Palin

 Richard Viguerie’s Conservative HQ | show

Richard Viguerie: Sarah Palin is the perfect choice

August 29, 2008

Viguerie: She’s perfect
VP pick “gives McCain the opportunity to unite the GOP,
gives conservatives a stake in the election, and puts a real reformer on the ticket”

Minneapolis – The selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running-mate unites the Republican Party and energizes its conservative base, Richard A. Viguerie said today.  “McCain has chosen to balance his ticket with a principled conservative.

“Governor Palin’s life story is one of sticking to principle.  She is living proof that a person can take on the corrupt political establishment – including corrupt leaders in her own party – and achieve great things.” 

Viguerie added: “There’s an old expression in politics: Go along to get along.  Not this time.  The selection of Sarah Palin is one big kick-in-the-pants to the corrupt establishment in both parties.

“Congratulations to John McCain for hearing and responding to conservatives.  Conservatives, the base of the party, have been listless.  But, now, nearly all will work enthusiastically for the McCain-Palin ticket.  In fact, this is the most enthusiastic conservatives have been since the era for Ronald Reagan.”

He added: “This is a grand-slam home run.  Conservatives’ feet haven’t touched the ground since this announcement.”

Richard Viguerie’s Conservative HQ | show

Sarah Palin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

In May 2008, Palin objected to the decision of Dirk Kempthorne, the Republican United States Secretary of the Interior, to list polar bears as an endangered species. She threatened a lawsuit to stop the listing amid fears that it would hurt oil and gas development in the bears’ habitat off Alaska’s northern and northwestern coasts. She also called unreliable the climate-change models cited by Kempthorne and environmentalists that predict melting of Arctic ice and has asserted that her administration believes listing them as an endangered species is premature and not the appropriate management tool for their welfare at this time..[36]

Sarah Palin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[hattip to walkingraven]

PS: Wikipedia reports Palin is “a prominent member of Feminists for Life.” Feminists?! That must go over great with Lush Limbaugh, who coined the term “feminazis.” Goes to show Republicans and drowning men will clutch at anything on their way down.

FUD You, Jim Scarantino

updated 8/29/08

Obama the War President: Will you fight his wars? By Jim Scarantino – The Real Side

Look up ad hominem on Wikipedia and you won’t find Jim Scarantino’s picture. For that, you’ll have to look up “fucking ridiculous.” I know Jim considers himself one of New Mexico’s great bloggers, way up there with Joe Yawnahan (and his Graphics Monkey), another of our gifts to the blahblahblahgosphere. The pressure to perform must be getting to Jim because his latest Alibi column is far from The Real Side. Kinda like the Republican Party these days.

To the extent that Jim’s latest is about anything, here it is: Obama supporters who aren’t in uniform are hypocrites. I don’t quite see the difference between this and the earlier assertion from the Radical Wrong that if you aren’t serving in Iraq, shut the fuck up about the Great War Without End. Don’t you love it when people take every opportunity to say “freedom isn’t free.” I thought we consider freedom a gift from god that even pacifist-atheists like me get to enjoy. No, if you’re not on active duty, a vet, or related to a vet (can I count my Dad and brother here?), you got nothing worth hearing. Hug a soldier and thank god he doesn’t throw you in Gitmo!

So, per Jim, not only are peaceniks deceived by Obama, but we can only prove our loyalty to the Great Deceiver by joining the military. What did Jim do, search and replace “Bush” in an old column? Cribbing from Huffington Post, Jim? Trying for a spot as a McCain speech-writer?

I’m still struggling with this. If you support Obama, join the military. For two-thirds of his column, that’s all Jim has to say. Isn’t that like saying, “If you support DUHbya, sell your oil stock”? Or “if you support McCain, take ecstasy and go to a rave”?

(Blog rhetoric notwithstanding, active duty soldiers are donating more to Obama than McCain. Obama has veteran support, as well. Soldiers have a choice — I think a clear one — but peaceniks don’t need a choice: we have Obama.)

The goal of Jim’s column is quite simple: Divide and Conquer. There is an old saying in AmeriCo: FUD you. Yes, Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt have long been the Republican weapons of choice. Fear consumes them.

Lest I be accused of being as unspecific or pointless as Jim, here are a few points to consider:

* “Obama, the War President!” Puh-lease every single one of us knows that Obama is not a war monger, which is precisely what Duhbya, Cheney, and the rest of BushCo are. War Mongers, Jim, fucking War Mongers.

* “The media and adoring masses were more fascinated with fist bumps than the details of Obama’s Iraq strategy.” Huh? The people who were fascinated with fist bumps were the Bewildered Right who are so out of touch that they didn’t recognize a common urban, young, athletic greeting. Scarethemtino’s cohort referred to the alarming gesture as “terrorist fist bumps.” Clueless. Utterly clueless.

* “Obama forsees no substantial change in mission.” Come on, Jim. I know you want us to believe that, but do you have someone other the Tom Hayden to back you up? While I believe that 4 years down the road there will be no difference between a hypothetical Bush plan, a McCain plan or Obama’s inevitably revised plan, that’s only because reality would force Bush and McBush to come around to Obama’s plan, as is already happening.

* “They righteously humiliated Republican ‘chicken hawks’ who wouldn’t put themselves at risk for Bush’s wars.” Humiliated? I wish. As far as I can tell, the reality of the CHICKEN hawks never came home to roost. We were demagogued into an needless war by a VP who hid out from the Vietnam war in a tiny state (and hid under his desk on 9/11) and a POTUS who hid out in a champagne unit, getting high in more ways than one, whose high point in office was strutting across an aircraft carrier. Plus assorted minor crooks and an SOS who’s Russian education might finally be worth something. The only person I saw humiliated — humbled — was Colin Powell, who I don’t see rallying around McCain.

The bottom line is this: Who is more likely to wage new war: John McCain or Barack Obama? McCain is a notorious hot-head. McCain moved closer to the Neocons to win the nomination. McCain embodies the failed past.

Obama will shock the world. Obama has gifts — that I sorely lack — for bridging gaps. (Don’t hold my support against him. He deserves better.) If Duhbya hadn’t already shit all over the concept of a uniter, one might suggest Obama is the real deal. McCain isn’t ready. peace, mjh

This Week’s WTF?!


It’s Fact: Obama as Left as They Come
        HAVING READ Eugene Robinson’s column, “Swift Boat Author Out To Torpedo Obama As ‘Leftist,’ ” I am left with the question is he that dumb or is he just willfully blind? Frankly I doubt that Robinson is dumb, so it must be a case of him having something to hide on behalf of Obama!
        It is a fact that Obama has the most liberal voting record in the Senate. [Fact: That’s based on a single analysis of a few bills. I think Ted Kennedy would object.] He tells us that he wants to soak the rich and redistribute income on a “fairer” basis. [Fact: I haven’t heard any of those words in any such combination from Obama. Stop lying.] The socialists and communists believe “from each according to his ability to each according to his needs.”  [Question: Relevance? Who are the socialists and communists in America? Come on, have the balls to spell it out.] He wants to allow the George Bush income-tax reductions to expire. [Yes! Please!]Then he wants to raise the rate of capital gains tax from 15 percent to 28 percent, which means that the federal government is going to take an additional 13 percent of the yearly earnings on your retirement accounts in tax.
        If you should sell your house and make a profit on the deal in inflated dollars, Obama wants to take 28 percent of that profit rather than the 15 percent presently taken. He wants to give us governmental-run medical and hospital care. Check with anyone who lives under a government-controlled medical system. The immediate effect is to ration medical care. Every one of these programs Obama wants to install is socialism — right out of Karl Marx’s “Das Capital.” [Yeah, I get it, you can’t call Obama a communist but you can keep implying it. Gutsy guy.]
        Jerome Corsi [a self-serving criminal right wing nut case] calls Obama a “leftist” [Is that a big insult among your ilk?] because that is exactly what he is. Obama is a socialist [Took you long enough], and you cannot get any further left than that, unless you are willing to take up arms to bring about the dictatorship of the proletariat — doing the same thing through ballot box rather than by the muzzle of a gun. The end result is the same. The only real difference between socialism and communism it how you get from here to there.
        Be very careful what you wish for, the price may be very high in deprivation of your individual freedom.

You poor, sad, pathetic man. How do you live with so much fear? No one has done more lately to curtail freedom in AmeriCo than Duhbya and Company. Wake up. peace, mjh

The Party of Fear and Hate


Albuquerque Shootings Show GOP Is Based in Hate
        A FEW WEEKS ago a gunman walked into a Universalist Church and shot and killed a number of people. Last week another gunman walked in Democratic headquarters in Arkansas and fatally wounded the chairman of the Democratic Party.
        In both instances the perpetrators were white males who hated “liberals.” Nobody has ever heard of a “liberal” shooting, stabbing or otherwise harming any other human being, because they espoused a different political ideology.
        The above incidents occur because the Republican Party — and its talk radio — constantly espouses hate. They do this through portraying all those who hold what they label as “liberal” views as unpatriotic, un-American, trying to destroy America and other characterizations structured to make people angry and to hate.


Well Said

Thin Line 

The ’50s phoned (it was wearing a smart red apron with matching heels and a lacy blouse) and it wants its sexism back. — Marisa Demarco, Alibi

Thin Line

ABQJOURNAL OPINION/LETTERS: Three Boos for Reducing Hillary to ‘Cheerleader 

I WAS APPALLED to open the paper Monday morning and see Senator Hillary Clinton described as “The Cheerleader” when she was here as a prestigious leader in a major political party.
       She was here to raise money for the Democratic Party, which is a serious business for any party. She also established herself as the first serious female presidential candidate in U.S. history. Major political fundraising is high-stakes business, usually done by famous white men in the past, none of whom were described as cheerleaders except for maybe George Bush, who actually was one in college.
       Later in the article her clothing was described as if she were in a fashion show. It reminded me of how my father’s hometown, podunk newspaper regularly described women who were at tea parties in the fifties.
       The Journal ought to do better than that. The female author (doubly distressing) did not comment on any of the men’s appearances. I was not a Hillary supporter in the primary, but I think the Journal owes her and its readers a huge apology.

ABQJOURNAL OPINION/LETTERS: Three Boos for Reducing Hillary to ‘Cheerleader

Distressing Quote

Garcia, 71, lives in Doña Ana, just north of Las Cruces. She thinks Obama has come off as condescending and arrogant.

“I don’t know one single Hispanic over 50 who will cast a vote for Obama,” she said, conceding that “there have always been conflicts between blacks and browns.

New Mexico : Betting on the West : The Rocky Mountain News By Katie Kerwin McCrimmon, Rocky Mountain News

– – – – –

A tip of the hat to Heath Haussamen for the link. While my hat is doffed, let me smack him upside the head with it for his feckless Liberal Blogosphere nonsense.

Presumably Haussamen didn’t mean to say the entire blogosphere is majority liberal — though, that is what his word choice implies. Perhaps, he’s just a lousy writer.

A more moderate individual would note that every issue has extremists on every side — these are angry, divisive times and fighting is in our blood and zeitgeist.

However, be clear that there is a straight-line tradition from Watergate, the GOP “Southern Strategy” (Message to White People: Be afraid, be very afraid.) through Willie Horton, to Bush/Rove’s anti-McCain tactics in SC 2000, and on to Swiftboating. Are there ugly, excessive liberals? Of course. However, Lush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Duhbya, Cheney, the Bathtub Jerk, Ralph Reid, ad maxima nauseum, have proven there is but one fundamental Conservative belief: Win at any cost. To the Radical Wrong, everything is warfare and war allows for anything (including torture and shredding the Constitution).

Liberalism just doesn’t attract the same caliber of stormtroopers and *dangerous* zealots. We dream we can win without lying, cheating, stealing or bludgeoning. (The only tactics left to Republicans in 2008, thanks to DUHbya.)

I had mistaken Haussamen for a journalist. He’s just another blogger — my cohort. peace, mjh