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  • Clueless Duhbya

    Clueless Duhbya

    Two Three more examples of Duhbya’s fecklessness. He doesn’t know irony when it spews from his own mouth. peace, mjh Bush Condemns Leaders Who ‘Sit Down At The Table’ And ‘Have Pictures Taken’ With ‘Tyrants’ In yesterday’s news conference, President […]

  • Repugnant Republicans

    Repugnant Republicans

    Read Dennis Domrzalski’s piece on strong arm tactics Republicans use on their own. peace, mjh Joe Carraro and others say they were threatened with smear jobs if they challenged Darren White for CD 1Janice Arnold-Jones and Mark Boitano were told […]

  • Lenient Conservatives? That puts the oxy in moron.

    Remember when conservatives lambasted lenient liberal judges? Remember when conservative rage over judicial judgment  lead to mandatory sentencing? Get tough on crime! Do the crime, do the time! Three strikes and you’re out! Let us also remember when conservatives preached […]

  • The Name Game

    The Name Game

    My name is Mark Justice Hinton and I support Barack Hussein Obama for president. There are things I admire about Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife of William Jefferson Clinton, and a couple of things I don’t like about her. Still, we […]

  • Obama on Israel

    Barack Obama: Good for the Jews. Tim Russert: Bad for the Jews. And for America. « The Edge of the American West In fact, on Sunday Obama talked about some of those issues with machers in the Cleveland Jewish community. […]

  • Think Progress » McCain Rated As America’s Worst Senator For Children

    Think Progress » McCain Rated As America’s Worst Senator For Children

      McCain Rated As America’s Worst Senator For Children Today, the Children’s Defense Fund Action Council released its 2007 Nonpartisan Congressional Scorecard. CDF reports some positive news, particularly that average scores for members of Congress “improved from the previous three […]

  • Holy Cal!

    Holy Cal!

    Cal Thomas’ website has been revamped and I don’t know what to think about the graphic below (compare it with the graphic at the top of this page). More importantly, I visited Calcified Cal’s site looking for his latest column […]