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  • The Sun Stands Still (but not for long)

    It’s minutes until sunset and already 8 hours past the moment of the solstice. Think of the sun at the top of a 47 degree arc, sliding now towards the bottom in mid-Winter. It is interesting to read that this […]

  • Snake Handlers

    Snake Handlers

    Our neighbors called yesterday early evening to say a snake was on their porch. We ran across the street to find J using a push-broom to sweep a 3+ foot long brown and yellow snake away from the house. It […]

  • Sunday Christians and Pretend Hunters

    Sunday Drivers – Los Angeles Times, by Dan Neil The pre-race activities of the Indy 500 and Coca-Cola 600 were all about the troops. In addition to the usual F-22 flyovers and color guard presentations, Lowe’s track director “Humpy” Wheeler […]

  • Criminally Stupid

    Lucky Jason Daskalos has been exonerated of charges of drunken and reckless driving. When cops and rich people fight, I’m inclined to cheer them both on from the sidelines. I recognize that a jury hears more than I do as […]

  • Alibi Short Fiction Contest

    I didn’t submit anything to the Alibi’s short fiction contest this year, so I feel particularly free to say they made terrible choices for 1st and 3rd place (which is a ripoff of a well-known Twilight Zone). My selections are […]

  • Welcome to Denver, er, Dallas, er, who cares?

    We need to get our act together NOW to restrict skyscrapers to specific areas. I can live with downtown as a sacrifice zone, but monster-buildings outside of that basin are a sharp stick in everyone’s eye. The vista is doomed. […]

  • Oops. Oh, Hell, Everyone Makes Mistakes.

    We’re not “playing god” with DNA. We’re playing “not-too-bright kindergartener with razor blades.” All around the globe, people are actively manipulating genes just as top scientists say, “hey, who knew? ” My hope is that one of our inevitable blunders […]