Walking Raven

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Aug 152011

Walking Raven is part of the cognitive surplus of my buddy, cko. Her subjects include language, poetry, music, and literature, with an appreciation for apophenia. She has more than one book in her and an infinite scroll. I hope she’ll take up the virtual pen more.


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Edgewiseblog 3.0

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Aug 132011

I started Edgewiseblog eight years ago as a “blog collective”: a host for my friends’ and clients’ blogs. For most of those years, the home page for the host was just an HTML document with some PHP snippets – all hand-coded, as I loved to do.

This year, I finally upgraded the individual hosted blogs. From the beginning, each has had a separate installation of WordPress and database, so that one won’t interfere with another. That meant each needed a separate upgrade and all were coming from 2.x to 3.x (and SQL 4 to 5). A bit of a headache, partly because enough time passed between each that I had to relearn steps and pitfalls.

A huge benefit of upgrading the WP installations, beyond security, is how well WP works with Windows Live Writer, a great blogging tool.

Because I had hand-tweaked each theme, I have been stuck in the past while WordPress has moved on with features I read about but never got to play with, such as widgets and drag and drop. I saw a lot of progress on the admin side, but couldn’t offer new features on the client side. Now, everyone is up to the latest, which means all will be more easily upgraded in the future. I’ll continue to hand-tweak my own blogs’ themes, but now that I have made the host itself a WordPress blog, I get to play with the latest themes. This one (Suffusion 3.8.2 by Sayontan Sinha) is complex but extensive.

I love WordPress. If you don’t have your own website host, you can create still create a blog in a few minutes at www.wordpress.com. “Freedom of the press belongs to the person who owns one” – and the Web is a press that belongs to each of us.

old edgewise homepage
the way it was

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